Ideal for Stargazing

Although we have always had a fascination with the stars, we fell into astrophotography by accident. In early 2012 we took a photograph by mistake of the night sky that had a strange blurred light in it. In trying to figure out the source of this light Ted got bitten by the astrophotography bug. Three years later we decided to explore this interest a little further. We invested in a telescope and on our first night with it we saw Jupiter and its four largest moons.

OOur location turned out to be ideal for astrophotography. We discovered that we were actually in a good spot, with little light pollution, because we're in the countryside. In astrophotography you have to take thousands of images and combine them to get the high levels of detail on these distant objects. So when we get clear nights where there is little to no cloud coverage, we can get lots of crisp images that help give us a great result.

So far we have spent a few nights out with the telescope and have composed a few images of the Moon and Jupiter. Yet because of the long setup time we haven't been out as much as we hoped. In the end we would like build an observatory on the roof, so we can have the telescope setup all the time.