Age: 16+ Weeks

Adult chickens reach maturity usually from 16 weeks onward. At this stage you can tell the sexes apart. The males are bigger and have larger wattles and combs than the hens. As hens reach 9-12 months their combs and wattles will also grow in size. So an older hen can have the same size comb as a male that has only just matured. Chickens from the same clutch though will be distinctive enough at this stage of their development to sex them.

You can also tell them apart in their behavior. Hens will often try to avoid mating, they seek out nesting spots to lay eggs, and they may get broody and stay on one spot for ages. Roosters will start to crow and attempt to mate with the hens by grabbing the hens neck feathers with their beak and then jumping on top of them.

Roosters will establish some kind of mating pecking order over time. They will stand off against one another and will try to chase male competitors away. This is the time that excess males are usually culled for meat, and the ratio of roosters to hens goes from 1:1 to 1:10.

A heritage hen can save you up to 600 kr in its first year of egg production. This means that your hen can pay you back at least three times your money, if not a lot more.
Hybrid: 125 kr per chicken - In Stock (Hens and Roosters)
Pure: 150 kr per chicken - Out of Stock

Hatching Season:
March to September

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