Organic Free Range Eggs For Sale

We feed our hens with organic grains and pellets and we allow them to roam free in the grounds of Hermit House. Currently we have a large number of hens that produce S/M eggs, as well as 4 hens that lay M/L eggs, and 1 hen who lays XL eggs. We want to invest in more hens that lay XL eggs at some point in the future. We produce enough eggs to fill 1-2 boxes per day.

We collect and date our eggs using a rack system, and we box them on demand. Each box contains 10 eggs and we mark it with the date of the oldest egg in the box; so you always know exactly how fresh your eggs are.
S/M: 1.5 kr per egg - In Stock
M/L: 2.5 kr per egg - In Stock (limited supply)
XL: 3 kr per egg - Out of Stock (limited supply)
Note: sold in boxes of 10

Laying Season:
Feburary to November

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