Apples and Plums For Sale

In the grounds of Hermit House we have 3 apple trees, 1 plum tree, 1 pear tree, 1 cherry plum tree, and 2 hazelnut trees. Everything at Hermit House is allowed to grow naturally. From September to October we harvest the apple and plum trees. The apple trees are productive and give us plenty of fruit. We keep some of our apples fresh, and we also peel, slice, and freeze them for use in recipes later on. We also get a fair few plums as well, but the tree took some damage in the winter of 2015, not long after we re-landscaped the garden. So this may reduce yields in 2016. The cherry plum tree is quite young, so we just pick the fruit as it ripens and eat it immediately. It was suffering from poor light until the landscaping in 2015.

O ur pear tree also had some light problems. Although it produces more fruit than the cherry plum tree, it is still in smaller quantities compared to the apples and plums. The hazelnut trees have had problems ever since the start. Not only do resident squirrels like to come and eat the nuts, but we've noticed that worms get into some of the nuts so they are unusable. So we leave those trees alone and let the wildlife make use of them.

Apples: 3 kr each - Out of Stock
Plums: 2 kr each - Out of Stock

Harvest Time:
September to October

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