What is a Heritage Hybrid?

Heritage Hybrids is a term that we have coined for hybrid strains coming from heritage chickens. We allowed cross breeding of our heritage strains to begin with to experiment with colour combinations. As a result we found that Wyandotte and Phoenix chickens bred well together. Our unofficial name for this hybrid strain is "Phoenadotte" (pronounced FEE-nah-dot). So far they tend to keep the body shape and tail of a Phoenix, along with the colouration and comb of a Silver Laced Wyandotte. We plan to continue to keep a flock of Phoenadottes at Hermit House, along with our other heritage breeds.

We also want to breed our Barnevelder with our Silver Laced Wyandotte to keep a flock of silver-black double-laced hybrids. They are a variety that was only just recognised in the last few years.

Chicks: 45 kr each - Out of Stock
Juveniles: 65-100 kr each (depending on age) - Out of Stock
Adults: 125 kr each - In Stock (~20 egg laying 6-8 month old hens + a few roosters)

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