Building the Workshop

When we first decided to build our own chicken coops we turned our house extension into a mini workshop. It has double doors into the patio and garden, which makes it easy to move building materials in and the coops out. This lasted until we bought our table saw. With a chop saw already in the shop, the table saw took up a lot of the remaining space. We soon realised this room was not going to be big enough.

At the end of 2015 we decided to rearrange the house so we could turn the biggest room into the workshop. The bedroom became the living room, the file room became the bedroom, and the living room/office became the workshop. Although we still need to rearrange a couple of rooms, we were able to continue work on the coops again in February 2016.

Once we have finished rearranging the house we also plan to use the house extension as an assembly and painting area.